Thursday, January 1, 2009

Culture Shock at Home?

1. Toilet seat covers. In California all bathrooms are required to have toilet seat covers. Multiple times I have walked into public restrooms and do a 360 degree turn looking for the dispenser only it is not there. Honestly this is not a big deal to me, but I am just so used to using these nice little paper sheets.

2. Conservative talk radio. I was driving along listening to 1350 KMAN out of Manhattan and the radio personality made a joke about Al Gore. It took me by surprise. Al Gore is so respected on the west coast.

3. Kansas apparel. Occasional on the west coast I see KU or K-State gear, and I always have to do a double take. While in Manhattan I saw plenty of people wearing K-State shirt and I always got a little excited that I have something in common with these people until I realized where I was.

4. Seeing forever. As I was driving to Buhler late one night and saw a flashing red light warning there is a stop sign. I turned off my cruise in preparation to stop. 6 1/2 miles later I made it to the intersection.