Friday, February 4, 2011

Not a fun week

Well I cannot blame my lack of posting on being too busy. Since Monday afternoon I have been out of bed very little. And this is why...
Monday morning I was heading out the door for work when my foot slipped out from under me with a twist and I landed flat on my back. After screaming for a little bit, one of my current roommates (landlord? I know this is a whole other post) heard me and came out to see what was wrong. I replied with "I need to go to the hospital." He went to get Josh and they worked together to get me into a car and I headed to urgent care for x-rays. They told me that indeed my tibia and fibula were both broken and sent me over to Orthopedics. The doctor there recommended surgery but said that I did not have to do it. He ordered me to lay down with my toes above my heart for at least one week and if I decided to have surgery it would be on Monday 2/7.

So this week I have been in bed, sleeping, resting, watching movies, doing some(very little) homework, playing with little boys, and hanging out with friends. The pain medicine makes me very sleepy and nauseated when I take it without food. This means that when I have woken up at 4am because the medication has worn off, Josh has gotten out of bed and heated up rice so that I have something in my stomach when I take the pills. He has done so much for me this week and I have been learning to rely on him and other people for to meet my needs. This has been a hard lesson for me and I have six more weeks of it.

Maybe next week I will post about the job I was doing for two days before my accident and will go back to a week after surgery.

Also, it is bothering me that the picture in my header is not centered, but I have tried and tried but do not know how to center it. If you know how, I would love a tip.