Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Nerve

It is almost 1 am and I can't sleep. I think it might have to do with the nap I took this afternoon. It doesn't help that I am furious. Here is my story in a nut shell. This is 100% true. No exaggerations. Promise.

My boss told me that I am insensitive for only giving 3 1/2 weeks notice. That's right. The same company who gave Josh no notice whatsoever. She told me I should have called as soon as I found out I was moving. Keep in mind that we still don't have a contract signed, plane tickets bought, visas, a place to live... She knew Josh was laid off (because she announced to my department without my permission or knowledge). Was I supposed to call her and say, "hey we might be moving, Josh is looking for another job?" That seems pretty obvious to me! One of the many funny things about this is that I asked our HR Training and Professional manager if I should discuss it with her and she said that by no means did I have to. Basically I felt persuaded to only give the standard two weeks, but because my coworker was leaving I gave more time. Another thing is that one of the three people that gave notice in less than a week gave less that two weeks notice. She wasn't told she was being insensitive.

By the strength of God I stood up to her. I expressed to her in a professional manner the MANY points I had about the situation. What still angers me though is that nothing penetrated her selfishness. She still thinks I did something wrong. I am praying for direction, peace and the ability to forgive her.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday June 14h

For some reason I felt like cooking today. I didn't make anything too exciting.
Spaghetti for lunch.
Hummus. Josh thinks I like making hummus more than I like eating it. That may be true, but I see hummus as a blank slate. My favorite is sun dried tomato and basil

I made red nanner jello

Chicken and spinach with peanut satay for dinner.

I have had a box of peach jello for a long time. Since peaches are in season I bought a few to put in the jello.

Yesterday I put about 50 books on, so today my book shelf looks like this... I've sold one so far.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

May 2009

When there isn’t much goig on I don’t want to blog because I don’t have much to say. When there is a lot going on I don’t want to blog because there is too much to say. I will try my best to keep things brief.

May has been pretty crazy for us. May 6th Josh was laid off from Pebble Beach. That week was very emotional for us. I felt that I was being robbed of my happiness. My human nature wanted to blame a person. Josh’s boss, the CEO of PB, President Obama for not allowing companies to spend bail out money in the travel industry. God reminded me that He works all things together for good…and that he orchestrates the events of my life. We truly love the Monterey area and the thought of moving (again) was overwhelming. We have been fighting for joy. Our hope is that we can be sorrowful, but always rejoicing.

What a roller coaster of a month. It was full of great times too. We hosted three sets of visitors since Josh was let go. It was so good for him to have people around to keep him entertained. With company he has experienced world class golf with old friends. We both spent time in the cute town of Davis with people that know our hearts. That was followed by a lovely time exploring the beauty of Napa Valley. Our last guests left us last Wednesday. Josh’s Aunt, Uncle, and two cousins were in the area and we had a great time with them. Janea even got in the cold Pacific Ocean at 11:00pm while the rest of us enjoyed a bon fire on the beach. We were delighted when then decided to stay an extra night. Josh and I got to have a slumber party with the girls while their parents enjoyed a historic hotel in downtown Monterey.

Job Search:

You might not have heard, but we are in a recession. Golf is considered a luxury expense and not a necessity (some may disagree). There are jobs open, but none better than what Josh had. He doesn’t want to settle for a job that he will be unhappy with.

Right now we have open in getting into the Asian golf market. We are excited about a new adventure