Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Countdown

Josh promised me he would take me to Six Flags Magic Mountain. After begging for Thursday off, we drove down to Santa Clarita on Wednesday night and woke up and headed to the park. We decided to eat a nice breakfast so that we wouldn't have to buy and insane park food. Eat breakfast, skip lunch, and eat dinner; that was our plan. The place we stopped for breakfast was "the best breakfast in town" according to the sign. Our plan might have worked a little better if the food was decent. Why would i desire to finish eating a breakfast burrito when McDonalds would have surpassed it's quality? Off to the park.

It was hot. I am so not used to hot weather. I started sweating standing in the first line. We were waiting for X2. The first roller coaster which also happened to be my favorite. We entered into the row for our seats and I started getting REALLY nervous. Oh well, we were in the back... or so I though. Oh wait on this ride the back becomes the front. Oops. Holy Cow my heart was pounding. We got strapped in our seats, I took my glasses of and told Josh that I loved him. The next two minutes were a blind blur. I did not open my eyes until we slowed down at the end. It was CRAZY. The seats can rotate 360 degrees so you get flipped around as you are going along on the track.

Next on to another roller coaster, then another, then another. We road only roller coasters and still didn't make it to two of them. At about 5:30 I was pooped. Josh and I sat down at a table to rest. I laid my head back onto another chair, and was instantly out. Josh said I slept for about 15 minutes. This is funny because my dad always sleeps at amusement parks. We joke that if you can't find Dad look for the sleeping man on the park bench. So my family got to make fun of me. I can blame being in the sun, hot and hungry.

We finally decided that we needed to ride X2 again and hit the road. I needed to experience this ride with my eyes open. Let me tell you much better when you can see. It was so much fun. Josh and I had a great time enjoying an adventure. He looked at me at one point and said "For not being an adventurous person, you are very adventurous." This is so true. I am afraid of everything, but love crazy roller coasters and have made some pretty major moves in my life.

We left the park at about 8:30 and headed to our favorite chain greek restaurant that we don't have in Monterey. As Josh drove down to Pasadena, I was having dreams of being on a roller coaster. I was almost awake, but with every turn in the road was a turn on the ride.