Friday, November 12, 2010

New York

For my sister’s five year anniversary at her job, her boss flew us both to NYC, paid for our hotel in time square for four nights, got us tickets to two Broadway shows, and paid for a few fabulous meals. It was awesome.

Day One:
We arrived on Thursday at lunchtime, and took a bus and subway to our hotel. I knew it was close to time square, but until we got off the subway and walked up the stairs, I didn’t know how close to time square we were. It was right there. Our very first sight of New York city was Time Square, and it was awesome.

We checked into our hotel, which employed an odd number of attractive young men, and got to our room, which had a view of Time Square.
Then we headed over to Rockafeller Center, went to the top, and had an incredible view of the city. We saw the Empire State Building, The Chrysler Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, and even the Statue of Liberty.

Then, after a brief walk down fifth avenue, we went back to our hotel to rest up for dinner (sushi, yum) and Wicked. I am now so in love with Wicked, I would marry it. Then ice cream after dinner and bed.

Day Two:
We got up and made our way to Bouchon Bakery (I have been to the one in Napa and Las Vegas, and now NY). Then ate breakfast in Central Park. Walked and walked around Central park, it was very nice. So pretty in the fall!

Next we made our way over to the Upper West Side and grabbed hot dogs at Gray’s Papaya. Both Angela and I were brave and tried one with sour kraut, an it was actually good!
Friday Evening we went to see Promises Promises. It was super cute. And since we skipped dinner, we grabbed cheesecake for dinner.

Day Thee:
We had breakfast at the local market at Union Square park. Then down to Chinatown. We did a little shopping then tried to make our way to the Brooklyn bridge. After a little wondering, we finally found a pizza place for lunch in Brooklyn. Then we got back to Manhattan and found Wall Street, the NY Stock Exchange, the place where George Washington took the oath of office, the Wall Street bull, and ground zero.

A quick run to our hotel to drop off our stuff and back downtown to eat dinner.

Day 4:
We took the Staten Island ferry to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. After three days of walking a ton we decided to make our own bus tour of the city. We had to take pictures at Park Avenue, Grand Central Terminal, The Chrysler Building, NY public library, Bryant Park. Then we explored Soho.

Day 5:
We really took it easy this day. We did a little shopping at Rockafeller Center, and Macy’s. We had to leave for the airport at 4pm, and we slept late so not much time.

All in all we had a great time, and I already want to go back. Thanks John Black.

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