Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Returning to Normal

Today was Josh's third day of work at his new job. He has had quite the adjustment because of the heat. But we are here and have a place to ourselves. It has been nine months since we have had one place to call home. When we were staying with our parents communication was easier to always say "my parents" or "your parents." Now I find myself stumbling on what to call our home. I refer to it as "our place" or "our temporary house."

This is the fourth time we have made a major move four years. You would think we would be pros. You would think I would have a list of all the stuff I need to do, and all the places I need to change our address. Well you would be wrong. Each night I have laid in bed thinking "I've really got a lot done today" then the next thought is "Oh, I forgot about that, and that, and that." Even though I may feel a little overwhelmed, I praise the Lord that He has provided a job for Josh and a place to live. I praise Him for being merciful and not having us on that path any longer. And I am asking Him to let me grow to be more like Christ because of the past year.

I think the best part about our new location is that we have already seen my parents, my aunt, uncle, cousin, and cousin's two daughters, Josh's best man an his wife, sister, and parents. And my whole family is coming down here for Labor Day. Our place, until the end of September, has 2 queen size beds, two pull out couches, and if needed another twin bed. If you need to get away for the weekend, we would welcome visitors (even if Josh has to work all the time).


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